PUBG Mobile India Will Release After 2nd December: Check the Release Date Here with Trailer Leaks

There has been a lot of hypes lately since the PUBG Mobile India announced its comeback on 12th Nov and the teaser released on 14th Nov pumped the adrenaline high. Tons of rumours are running on various social media platforms regarding the comeback of the most popular multiplayer battle royale in India.

Many PUBG Mobile streamers on YouTube like Kronten Gaming and Abhijeet Andhare (TSMent Ghatak) predicted the release date as 20th November but, the Indian gamers saw no rise of hope even after a restless wait. Since its ban in India in September 2020, Indian players took to the Korean version of the game and many streamers chose to wait for the unban.

Here, in this article, we have summed up some of the strongest pieces of evidence that indicate to the launch of the game and we have also compiled all the major leaks of the upcoming game. We have also put together some of the main features and differences you can expect to see in the Indian version of the game.

Release Process Expected

MEITY on PUBG Mobile Indian Version

It is highly unlikely that the game of PUBG Mobile India will get launched without any notice or message from the Indian government (MEITY). We should also keep in notice that no apps banned by the Indian government have made its return in the Indian market. PUBG Mobile India is going to be the first one out there, the major factors which helped PUBG Mobile India reach this feat are its non-Chinese origin and systematic effort to get back its biggest market.

The parent company of PUBG broke its partnership with the Chinese firm Tencent for the Indian market and shook hands with Microsoft Azure to make sure it complies with the security protocols in India and could mark their return to the Indian market. It will definitely boost the esports industry in India again.

So we should expect at least a short message or notice from the Indian government until now we already know that the notice must be positive but it is highly expected. Also, there are some leaks that a press conference has been planned on 24th Nov, if it happens, it can be the day when we see the notice coming from the Indian government.

  • Update on 24th Nov: PUBG India Pvt. Ltd. has officially registered itself with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India. As stated above earlier. 24th November brought some good news for the PUBG Mobile lovers and gamers.

Also, there are many confusions regarding the launch of the trailer and the official APK download link. So, if we look towards a similar scenario earlier when a separate version of PUBG Mobile got released in China, then also the trailer directly brought the game with itself, it did not announce the date of release with a trailer. It sounds really strange to announce the exact date of release of the game with a trailer as it would kill all the excitement and there will be no joy of waiting thereafter.

So, it is highly expected that we will be able to see the game instantly on the official site, Play Store and App Store with the release of the trailer or in other words the release date of the trailer and PUBG Mobile India is going to be the same.

Leaks About the Game Till Now

There have been many rumoured launch dates floating all around the internet and YouTube, but as of now, they all were baseless. It is really getting restless for many people out there who are eagerly waiting for the game to arrive. Some are even taking their requests to the social media handles of the official PUBG Mobile India and exploring their Discord servers for some more leaks.

Well, we too have some hints for you, we have listed them all down in a list for the convenience of reading. Though these leaks do not have concrete promises behind them but yet they sound positive and very possible seeing the current scenario.

A. Trailer Concept Leaked

Trailer Concept of PUBG Mobile leaked on Discord Server

A user in the official Discord server of PUBG Mobile India posted a leak of the trailer. It caught no attention initially, but it was deleted by the admins later and it immediately brought all attention towards itself. The post contained the concept of the upcoming trailer of the PUBG Mobile India.

It mentioned that Arshad Warsi will be featured in the trailer and will overjoy other PUBG Mobile streamers who were shown sad and missing PUBG in the teaser. He will knock the door and will inform the return of the PUBG Mobile Indian version and with it, the game will be available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Some rumours also stated that the game will arrive a bit late on the App Store, it also seems to be a hype only as it is highly expected that PUBG Mobile will set its foot firmly on both Play Store and App Store at the same time. But you can also find a logic behind the delay hype for iOS, it is true that 80% of the audience in India plays PUBG on Android devices.

B. A self-claimed beta tester leaked a footage

Leaks of the beta testing PUBG Mobile India
Self-Claimed Beta Tester

Another self-claimed beta tester of the PUBG Mobile India named Dr Hacker leaked footage of the PUBG Mobile India which says the beta testings are over, which if true, indicates that the return of the game is near. You can watch the short clip here.

C. In-game mail in PUBG Mobile mentioned a date in December

Data Transfer Until 2nd December

The in-game mail in the PUBG Mobile Korean version as well as in the PUBG PC version stated that the data transfer process has been initiated and it would end on 2nd December 2020. It clearly implies that the game is bound to return only after the data transfer process is complete. It also states that users will be able to transfer their account data from the Global or Korean version to the Indian version till 1st June 2021. It sounds to be one of the solid evidence of the return of the game.

D. Recently the official website got a download link

APK Link appeared to some users

Recently the official website of the PUBG Mobile India was being tested with the final framework and looks as it featured the download button for the APK file and the button pointing to the Play Store. Well, it does not indicate any important thing as of now because PUBG Mobile India’s official website is currently under construction and it will be tested now and then. The download link, however, pointed to PUBG Mobile India’s official Facebook page.

E. Rumors about a press conference on 24th November

There are rumours running for a while that there will be a press conference on the 24th November which will officially announce the further timeline of the upcoming game or the major differences in the upcoming game. It is also expected that the press conference will publicly state the compliance of the upcoming version with the Indian cybersecurity protocols. Well, there are no solid proofs of the press conference happening but we can expect one as it sounds sensible.

Changes Expected in PUBG Mobile India

A. Size of PUBG Mobile India is Around 610 MB

There are very strong claims about the size of the game getting reduced to a whopping 610 MB in contrast to the earlier 1.9 GB of the global version. Although the size gets reduced, it won’t be restricting any of the major features of the game as you will be able to download extra features as the resource packs. Basically from the Play store, you will be downloading the skeleton of the game with necessary features and then like add-ons you can download the resource packs to make your game look beautiful. It reduces the upfront footprint of the game and sounds easy to download.

B. Virtual Simulation Training Ground

The Indian version of the game will be a virtual simulation training ground, unlike the global version, where one player survives and others die, in the virtual simulation training ground, it will be a friendly match where you won’t be killing a player rather you will be eliminating him out of the game. Just a minor change in the graphics will change the context of the game by a good margin.

Here, the players won’t be shown dying after you shoot them rather they will be putting their crates out themselves and will get eliminated for the rest of the game, This is similar to the Chinese version of the game which is called the Game for Peace.

C. No Red Hit Effects

Green hit effect in PUBG Mobile India

Red hit effect symbolizes blood, but as it is going to be a friendly training, the red hit effect won’t be present and instead, you will be able to apply green and yellow hit effects. This is another minor change which will be driving the game towards a friendly theme.

D. Increased Privacy

Privacy is the major reason which drove PUBG Mobile out of the Indian market. As the game is making its comeback with Microsoft Azure, it is being assured that privacy is one of the major concerns for the officials. It is also being stated that data check-ups will be conducted at frequent gaps and it will be ensured that nothing goes wrong with the data.

Also, the data of accounts in the global version of PUBG Mobile will be transferred to the Indian server of the game and users will be given an option to verify the transfer themselves till 1st June 2021 as per the notice spotted on the official site.

E. New Characters and Clothing

With several small changes, PUBG Mobile India is sealing every other possibility of complaints about the game. It is also being stated that the newer version of the game in India will feature all the players with a default clothing unlike in the global version where the dress could be removed.

This feature has also been drawn from the Chinese version of the game, where the default clothing cannot be removed but you can always equip other dresses which will switch the default clothing with it.

F. Time Restrictions for Young Players

Time restrictions for young players in PUBG Mobile India

It is also speculated that PUBG Mobile India is going to be strict towards restricting the playing time for the young players to maintain the balance between gaming and social life. In past too, they have been spotted taking a few light measures regarding the issue but it was just a warning earlier.

To promote healthy gaming habits and to curb the addiction for video games in younger players, PUBG Mobile India is serious about restricting the gameplay timings this time.


There are so many speculations and predictions about the upcoming game of PUBG Mobile India. However, there are no official statements till now from the PUBG Mobile India. We will update you with the same as soon as we get a hint of it.

Also, there are various small changes in the upcoming game, despite these changes, the gameplay should ideally be exactly similar to PUBG Mobile global version as the changes to the gameplay are negligible.

As all of us are so excited about the return of the game, you might find our post on top 5 games that can compete with PUBG Mobile India useful. You can also check out PUBG Mobile India’s official Discord server for more information, check how to join the official Discord server of PUBG Mobile India.

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