Oppo Releases ColorOS 11 with Android 11: Eligible Devices, Important Dates and Features

Oppo has become one of the first smartphone brands to announce and roll out Android 11 updates with ColorOS 11 for their premium series of smartphone models. Last week Google announced the Android 11 updates for their Pixel series and now Oppo has started rolling out updates for Android 11 starting today.

Here is the complete list of devices which will be getting the updates for ColorOS 11 public beta starting today till the end of the quarter.

Oppo ColorOS 11 with Android 11

These Oppo Devices are getting the ColorOS 11 Beta Updates

Here is the ColorOS 11 device list which will be getting the public beta updates starting from today. Hence people searching for the ColorOS 11 release date should get the answer here that it has started rolling out from 14th September 2020 with its public beta versions.

From 14 September 2020Find X2
Find X2 Pro
Find X2 Pro Automobili Lamborghini Edition
From 30 September 2020Reno 3 4G
Reno 3 Pro 4G
F17 Pro
From October 2020Reno 4 Pro 5G
From November 2020Reno 4 5G
Reno 4 Pro 4G
From December 2020Reno 4 4G
F11 Pro
F11 Pro Avengers Edition
From Q1 2021Reno 10x Zoom
Reno 2
Reno 2F
Reno 2Z
Reno 3 Pro 5G
From Q2 2021Reno
Reno Z
A5 2020
A9 2020

The timelines listed above are for the ColorOS 11 public beta, the stable version should roll out after a few weeks of the beta build. So if you want to try your hands on the latest ColorOS 11 check the timeline above and check for updates to get started.

Expect the Stable Version By the End of 2020

Oppo has committed to releasing the Android 11 based ColorOS 11 so quickly starting with their premium series of smartphones. Oppo seems to be proactive in terms of releasing updates and their quick response to Android 11 indicates that within a few months of beta testing over a range of devices, Oppo will release the stable version of ColorOS 11. So ColorOS 11 stable version is expected to release around October or sometime in November.

Some Highlighted features of ColorOS 11

Google introduced a lot of advanced and important features in Android 11, and they are all bundled with the latest ColorOS 11 release. Various new features include the dedicated Conversations view at the top of notifications windows and chat bubbles.

1. Privacy Enhancements in ColorOS 11

The privacy and security features are getting enhanced with ColorOS 11. In recent times cybersecurity and privacy have been one of the major concerns in India a well as in other countries.

ColorOS 11 Privacy

Some of the Google’s security features included with ColorOS 11 specific features are the permission architecture, which basically enables the permission for one-time use and restricts the app from accessing the entire system’s data all the time. Another feature auto resets the file and network permissions for the apps you have not used for a while.

Another important privacy feature included in ColorOS 11 is its Private System, which actually creates multiple accounts with its own version of apps and data. You will need to log in to those accounts with different PIN and fingerprint. This is particularly important for people who need to protect their data and work form accidental damages from children using the phone or for completely separating the work environment from the personal environment.

2. Performance Optimization in ColorOS 11

ColorOS 11 Performance

Oppo with its ColorOS 11 promises a lot of optimizations. According to the usage report, memory utilization has seen improvement by a massive 45%. Oppo has also implemented its proprietary lag-reducing engine with Quantum Animation, which not only helps boost memory utilisation as stated above but also improves the response rate by 32% and frame rates by 17%.

3. FlexDrop in ColorOS 11 Enhances Multitasking

ColorOS 11 Multitasking

Floating windows are really great for multitasking, and ColorOS 11 has implemented the same with the name of FlexDrop. With this enhanced feature, you get the option of resizing your app windows to any size you like and keep it anywhere on the screen. Other apps opened afterwards will be working normally keeping the resized windows overlaid.

This is an advanced feature which was earlier included in Samsung’s One UI 2.0 and Mi’s MIUI 12 and both pleased their users. So ColorOS 11 finally includes it with the benefits of Android 11.

4. Super Power Saving Mode in ColorOS 11

ColorOS 11 comes with a built-in power saving mode which is very efficient in terms of extending the battery. Now the inclusion of the new Super Power Saving mode along with the customisable dark mode, it can be the next level thing if you really want to save the power for use.

ColorOS 11 Battery Saver

This Super Power Saving Mode lets you choose the six apps which you need to run when you are running out of your battery life and it kills the background tasks immediately which helps save the power for longer than ever. So even when you are low on battery this feature can extend your usage time. Having a rough estimate about the practical situation, it can save power for upto 90 minutes even when your battery is around 6 to 7 per cent.

5. Battery Guard in ColorOS 11

Oppo has put some serious efforts in power efficiency and battery life extension. With its Battery Guard feature, it claims to prolong the battery life of the phone. One quick example of it is its 80-20 rule which works when you put your phone for charging at night it does not get charged up quickly rather it gets charged up to 80% and rest 20% charging is done just before you wake up.

This feature was earlier introduced by OnePlus in their OnePlus 8 series and ColorOS picked the goodness from Oxygen OS with the arrival of Android 11.

6. Customize Your Own Themes, Wallpapers and Ringtones

ColorOS 11 Dark Mode

ColorOS packs in some of the most powerful tools in the section of customization where it lets you create your own themes, wallpapers, ringtones, icon sets and even unique always-on display patterns. It also allows choosing your own accent colours which will define your personality and taste.

All you need to do is to upload your favourite wallpaper and the AI automatically identifies the colour schemes and produces unique colour patterns and themes for you.

7. Instant Translations in ColorOS 11

ColorOS 11 Instant Translations

ColorOS has introduced an advanced feature for quick translations of the on-screen content. All you need to do is to use the three-finger slide gesture and the system will automatically take a screenshot and trigger the Google Translate to fetch a quick translation of the whole on-screen content.

With ColorOS 11, you’ll be able to get an instant translation of on-screen content via a three-finger gesture. Doing so will take a screenshot, pull up Google Translate, and translate the text. OPPO says it co-created this particular feature with Google, and it is a nifty way to get a translation without having to head into Translate. Google Translate is also integrated into the smart sidebar, making it easier to access.

The Fastest Roll Out for ColorOS Admirers

This launch of ColorOS 11 invites most of the tech-savvy users to explore and try their hands on the latest system improvements and pass on the feedback to Oppo for implementation on the official version of the ColorOS 11. This batch pattern for releasing updates is followed by Oppo for quite a long time and it tends to work best for them. Currently, Find X2 and Reno 3 series has got the perks of trying out the latest Android 11 based ColorOS 11. The complete roll-out will cover more than 28 different models including the Find, Reno, F, K and A series of smartphones from Oppo.

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