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Buying guides are meant to add value to your purchase. We want your tech purchases to be valuable and efficient. So we prepared the buying guides, just for you.


Laptops and PCs are quite useful for every field nowadays. Be it your student life, corporate life or content creation, without a good companion you are always incomplete.


Smartphones have now become one of the most used gadgets in day to day lives. With greater usability and reach, smartphones can add much value to your life.


With the rising penetration of the internet and the growing online world, esports is the next big thing. The gaming market is now growing like anything and we can expect a boom.


Quality tutorials can make problems seem so inferior, we understand that and we try to provide real value through our tutorials that really helps and solves problems.


Investing in a product or a service can be risky if it is going to be the final purchase or the product is meant to add meaning to your life or work. We try to review products that really help.

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Gaming Updates

Gaming News and Updates

Catch news regarding esports and gaming on OrbitGadget.com, we love videos games and whole-heartedly support esports in India.

Esports can be the dream career for many. We prepare guides and tutorials for various mobile and PC games and technical bits of help related to it.

You can also browse interesting streams and gaming clips from popular creators here. If you are interested in gaming and games then be sure to follow our esports section.

Reviews that are meant for Buyers

We review gadgets and software that such that buyers can extract the best value out of their hard-earned money.

Purchase is quite old now and in 2021, you need to make smart purchases. Our reviews are consumer-oriented and are meant to add value to purchases.

An unbiased review is always a sweet gift for everybody who is looking for a specific product or service. We understand it and we are more than happy to deliver the same.

Reviews Meant for Consumers
Tutorials Work Out of the Box

Tutorials that Work Out of the Box

Living in the era of technology has some challenges within itself. You may face technical difficulties in your day to day life.

A quality tutorial can always make problems seem inferior and we enjoy creating tutorials that are cross-checked and we make sure that it works out of the box for most of the people.

You can also follow us on our YouTube channel as tutorials are best when you can see them working. See you on our channel.

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